About Me

Hi, I’m Lara and I’m a PhD student at Plymouth University, UK studying volcanic hazard communication. My PhD is all about improving volcanic hazards communication through the use of video games technology (Serious Games). I will be creating a Serious Game for the east Caribbean island of St. Vincent which will include visualisations of previous eruptions (1979 & 1902) on the island.

Serious games (a game with a primary purpose other than pure entertainment) allow for a hands-on, immersive experience that can enhance information retention and motivate players to learn. Using video games is a novel method of overcoming some of the common problems in volcanic hazard communication encountered such as language, illiteracy and complacency. It also allows us to measure how a player is progressing throughout gameplay by using inbuilt game analytics. They can also identify a player’s strengths and weaknesses which can then be targeted to make a more effective outreach experience.

The overall aim is to improve people’s understanding of hazardous volcanic phenomena so that during a time of volcanic crisis they will know what to expect and be motivated to respond.

Hope you enjoy reading my ramblings and feel free to get in touch! (lara.mani@plymouth.ac.uk)





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