BSc (Hons) Geological Hazards – Portsmouth University, UK (2008-2011)

Dissertation: “Volcanic hazard mapping for eruption scenarios of Santorini, Greece.” (Advisor Derek Rust). Recipient of the Peter Brett Project Prize.  

M1R Magmas et Volcans, LMV, Universite Blaise Pascal, Clermont-Ferrand, France (2012-2013)

Thesis: “Mapping of Pyroclastic flow deposits related to the 1800 eruption of Tutupaca, Peru, using Remote Sensing.” (Advisor Ben Van Wyk de Vries).

PhD “3D visualisation of volcanic hazards” – Supervisory Team: Paul Cole, Iain Stewart, Mike Phillips & Stephanie Lavau (all Plymouth University). (2013-2016)



Laboratory Technician, ACS Environmental Ltd., Poole, UK (2010-2011)

Assistant Geo-Environmental Engineer, ACS Testing Ltd., Poole, UK (2011-2012)

Field Assistant – Santorini fieldwork, Portsmouth University (2012)

Fieldwork Assistant – UNESCO World Heritage bid, Chaine des Puys, France. (2013)



LQM – Land affected by lead (Nov. 2011)

SoBRA – Risk Assessment of Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Groundwater (June 2012)

CRES Conference, Plymouth University (Nov. 2013)

Media Training, Plymouth University (Dec. 2013).


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